Interpreting Services

For meetings, conferences, or medical consultations that require real-time language solutions, we offer professional interpreting services in both English and Spanish. With expertise in various subject matters, from business to healthcare, we ensure that your interactions are not just translated but truly understood. Wherever you are, bring everyone onto the same page through precise and empathetic interpreting.

Our Specialized Services:
  • Legal Expertise: Marcela excels in family case hearings, and divorce and custody hearings, ensuring legal proceedings are clearly understood by all parties.
  • Business Meetings: Marcela facilitates seamless communication in business meetings, empowering international collaborations and negotiations.
  • Healthcare Interpretation: In medical appointments and Mental Health Act assessments, Marcela provides sensitive and accurate language support.
  • Social Security and Confidentiality: Trust us for Social Security interviews and confidential meetings, where privacy and clarity are paramount.
  • Academic and Social Conferences: Our services extend to interpreting for university lectures and conferences on social topics, making information accessible to a wider audience.
Why Choose Connecta Translations?
  • Marcela Arenas’ Leadership: Under Marcela’s guidance, our team brings a blend of linguistic expertise and specialized knowledge to every assignment.
  • Cultural Competency: We recognize the importance of cultural nuances in interpretation, ensuring effective and respectful communication.
  • Confidentiality Commitment: Upholding strict confidentiality is a cornerstone of our practice, particularly crucial in sensitive settings.
  • Adaptive Services: Catering to both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting needs, we tailor our approach to your specific requirements.
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